Friday, July 1, 2011

Ted, Vegas and Haunted Apps

I hate to fly. No, it's not because I have a fear of dropping from 20,000 feet into a pile of fiery ash. I just hate airports.

The dear hubby and I just returned from Vegas. I'm not a fan of Vegas. First, I'm not much of a gambler and second I've been there so many times that the glitter of Sin City dulled for me long ago.

This trip (like every Vegas trip) was for business. Toyota to be specific. We just spent 1.5 days racing from one event to the next. I've seen all the new commercials and all of the new models and prototypes. Sorry, my lips are sealed. You'll just have to wait to see what's coming. Ok, I'll spill this....the new Avalon is gonna be SWEET!

Back to flying...We flew United aka TED. I have an issue with TED. First TED likes to talk about their First Class service ad nauseum. They even put out a red mat that they refer to as the Red Carpet.

This 3'x5' "Red Carpet" is placed at an angle to the regular peon boarding lane. Only First Class can enter via the carpet and this is announced several times over the PA. I assume this is so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about spending hundreds more per ticket for a few hours in flight.

Apparently TED spends so much time grooming their red rug program that they cannot update gates on the board. This is crucial when your flight is coming in late and you have 10 minutes to race to the other end of the airport.

TED tries hard though. Upon landing at Gate 24 in Denver from Vegas, I turned on my cell phone and noticed two voice mails. It was TED calling to let me know that my flight out of Vegas had been delayed and they had rescheduled us for a flight on July 1. Huh? How the hell did we get to Denver then?

About this time we reached Gate 53 to see that that particular plane was heading to Portland. Crap! I asked the man behind the counter for help but he blew me off to a CSR. He was, after all, texting and really couldn't break away to help us. The CSR rerouted us back to Gate 45.

We made the flight. It was being delayed by almost an hour. I cursed TED for making me run through the Denver airport.

There was no seating so I just slipped against a column and slid to the floor where I remained until boarding. I decided I would look for some new fun Halloween phone apps. I grabbed a few live wallpapers and a couple of games. All were pretty lame. I did find one treasure which I want to share with you called House of Horrors.

This app features 30 horror sounds perfect for ringtones, alarms and notifications. It also includes 10 horror videos. Great stuff from Jason, Freddy and Saw but my fave is Hannibal and his "Good evening Clarice". Oh - and this app is free!

I suppose I should thank TED. If it wasn't for the chaos of the flight I probably wouldn't of taken the time for this little diversion.

Nah - I'm still mad at TED.

P.S. Oh, the man who couldn't take time to help us? He ended up being our pilot.

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