Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dollar Menu

Dropped in the Dollar Tree yesterday just to see how they were coming along with the Halloween merchandise. I was disappointed to see they were in the middle of unpacking fall foliage instead of haunted goodies. Bummer.

There was an end cap with some body parts, creepy cloth and their standard mini monsterish type busts. The neighboring end cap had some items of interest so I grabbed a few things.

First up are the cut-outs, die-cuts, whatever you want to call them. These come in a group of 15 and I believe that they had four different varieties. I grabbed the rats and crows.

These are on a lightweight paper (between printer paper and card stock) but I think it will be sturdy enough. Each cut-out is approximately 6"-7" long and there are three styles in each pack so you get 5 of each pose.

The rats are the right size but the crows could be bigger in my opinion. For a buck I won't complain. It does beat cutting these out by hand if you don't own a Cricut or Silhouette (which I don't but if you have a review on either I'd love to hear it as I'm in the market).

I also grabbed one of these Martha Stewart like candelabra silhouettes. Almost 13" tall so it's on the small side compared to Martha's and it's not super sturdy. There's a hint of glitter but just barely. Of course, that's easy to remedy.

I hope your Dollar Tree is unloading faster than mine. I'm getting kind of antsy!

Haunt on!


  1. I am glad you mentioned the dollar store...I will scoot by the one that is closest to us to see if they have put any Halloween stuff out yet!

    LOVE the Crows!


  2. You have to get some crows girl! These are actually going to work better than I thought. I was afraid they'd be too small but they'll be just fine. Best of all - no cutting! ;)


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