Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Creepshow Is In The Garden

Ya gotta love a band called The Creepshow. And what's not to love about a lead singer decked out in tats and a gown? If you haven't been properly introduced than allow me the honors.

The Creepshow is a psychobilly band from our neighbors up north (umm that would be Canada for those of you that are geographically impaired). Formed in 2005, the majority of their songs center around horror films in the horror punk genre. They call it hellbilly (again I ask - what's not to love?).

The Creepshow - In The Garden:

P.S. The vid I'm sharing with you today features Hellcat as the lead but she gave birth to her own little hellcat with hubby and Matadors' lead singer Hooch. So - her little sis Sarah "Sin" (the blonde in the vid) has taken over. (Hellcat and The Prowl's solo album coming soon but you can catch a couple of their tracks on the Ghoulie Girls MySpace page.)

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