Friday, February 6, 2009

Halloween Speed

We Ghoulie Girls love automobiles. In fact if you had wanted to date Tracy when she was in high school the first question you would have been asked was "What do you drive?" Yep, she's one tough customer!

My dad is a mechanic so I grew up around cars. I'm a 5'4", SUV driving, maniac with an attitude when I'm behind the wheel. God help anyone in front of me who cannot at least go the speed limit.

I got my love of cars from my dad but I also inherited his need to speed. Yes, it's his fault. I know that I blame my parents a lot but it's true. My dad taught me to drive at the ripe ol' age of 13. At 14 they allowed me to drive one of their cars to school - a 1970 lime green GTX with a 440 engine. (Who the hell gives their lead-foot daughter this kind of vehicle? Is it any wonder I like to speed?)

Anyway, my SUV is rather boring - it's midnight black but that's as close as it comes to being a "Halloween car". We figured we couldn't be the only car loving, speed freaks with a penchant for Halloween out there so we did a little search. Check out these tricked out Halloween cars we found.

We call this one we found on flicker the Batmobile (for obvious reasons):

A little something for you Sci-Fi fans out there - the Alien Car:

And check out this blog where they list the top 20 Halloween cars. Here's just a couple to get you started:

Castle Car:

Devil Dragon:
Hmmm, ya know, my parents still own that GTX. Wonder if they'd let me give it a Halloween make-over?


  1. Haha, somehow I don't think your parents would let you.... if they are like MY parents about their cars, anyways!! (My Dad is a mechanic too - cars arent just vehicles in our family, they are... well... family!)

    Loved this post, Halloween cars are something my mind never put together.

  2. You're right Dawn. There is no way in Hades they'll let me make over that car. However! The car is willed to me so beware. One day I will again be behind the wheel! [insert evil laughter here]

    Hey, did your dad teach you how to do everything on your car from changing piston rings to changing the oil? Gawd I hated that! My revenge: I married a car dealer and never have to use any of those "skills" LOL

  3. Wow! Thanks Deadmanslog (love the name)! I was by your blog CreepyCupcakes earlier today and spent way too much time there - fabulous stuff!

  4. WOW!!!!! Those cars are amazing!!!!!
    I bet they were a real labour of love!!!
    They definitely are gorgeous!!!

  5. "A labour of love" - that truly sums it up!

    Flora, your art is amazing! You are quite a talent and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


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