Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm certain that you are all familiar with a little site called Instructables.com. A wealth of tutorials on how to do, well, most anything. The great thing about it for us haunters is that there are quite a few Halloween how-tos on the site.

Today I'm going to share a few I have on my favorites list but we're always hungry for more. So - drop us a comment and let us know your faves.

First up is the Bubbling Halloween Cauldron from our good friend Goldie. Goldie is a very creative spirit. Not only is she capable of banging out some great props she also makes some awesome costumes.

Nicemag's tutorial on her Death Becomes Her Costume is amazing! Allow yourself plenty of time to pull this one together.

We're just dieing to try out the Creepy Bubble Halloween Cocktails posted by DotatDabbled!


  1. LOVE the bubbling cauldron.... "Death Becomes Her" is just a little to much for me!! Ew!! Hehe :)

  2. Hey Dawn! Yeah, that costume is pretty over the top!

  3. Those drinks look Great! I'll take a double!


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