Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stolloween - A Truly Ghoulie Guy

Ok, so I know this guy. And - he's just not right in the head. He likes to play with paper and glue. And, he hangs out with creeps. Annnnnd - he's extremely talented. If you haven't come across his work then you've been hiding under a rock but I'll introduce you anyway. His name is Scott, aka Stolloween.

Remember making paper mache projects when you were a kid? Well, Scott never quite got over that whole experience and that's a good thing. You see Scott is one of the most talent Halloween paper mache artists we've come across.

The work of Stolloween is fresh, unique and really pushes the limit of the medium. He proves that paper mache isn't just for second graders.

His haunted yard is an unbelievable display loaded with towering demon reapers, a coven of witches, terrifying tombstones, Jack O'Lanterns with an array of expressions and much more. All of this is constructed out of paper and glue. Say it with me - AMAZING!

We had an opportunity to pick Scott's brain recently and see if there were a few things we didn't know about him. (Ok, it's true we twisted his arm.) So here it is:

Ten Thing You May Not Know About Stolloween (from the man himself):

1. My first papier mache prop was made back in 1979 while in high school. A large elephant created from two balloons and some cardboard for the ears. The elephant won 2nd place in the high school art fair.

2. My favorite source of inspiration is a visit to the local library. Surfing the internet is great but taking a few hours to browse through books is much more inspirational and productive.

3. I usually make props in batches of three or some other odd number. One gargoyle, three dragons, five masks, nine pumpkins and so on. I’m guessing I build in odd numbers because I’m a bit odd.

4. My favorite prop is always the piece I’m currently working on. Always.

5. My preferred spelling is “papier mache” vs. paper mache. Both are proper, I must enjoy typing the extra letter.

6. I find it impossible to build a prop without music. Lots and lots of music usually from the 80’s. It’s amazing what Van Halen does for my creative process.

7. I never have a shortage of ideas. Every prop I work on creates a dozen new ideas for future works thus creating a vicious cycle.

8. I am a terror with a hot glue gun having burnt myself hundreds of times. My track record with scissors, razor blades and hammers isn’t that great either.

9. The biggest prop I have ever made from papier mache is a cauldron measuring over four feet wide and close to four feet high. The cauldron seemed like a great idea at the time but too bad I never considered where I was going to store the thing.

10. My current project involves making some life-sized zombie puppets for a short film project. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

So there you have it.

Best of all, not only is Scott talented - he's also generous. On his sites you can find tutorials and downloads for nearly every project he's made. Head on over to one of his blogs but allow yourself plenty of time. Trust me you'll be there a while.

Stolloween Blog

P.S. Don't tell him that I said nice things about him. I wouldn't want it to go to his head ;)


  1. Nothing but love for Stolloween. Well, throw in a lot of respect, too.

  2. Want to be that good someday :) His stuff is amazing. Thanks for sharing all the details. That was quite fun to read.

  3. I'm just a ghoulie guy living in a ghoulie everyone for the nice comments..very much appreciated!


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