Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do You Hulu?

God I love technology!!

As you may have guessed I'm somewhat of a YouTube junkie but I have another addiction.

Not hula - Hulu. allows you to watch epidsodes from tv on your computer. According to (love them!):

Hulu is a website that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX and many other networks and studios.

Hulu also connects you to other online video sources. And, you can watch full episodes as well as excerts.

A search for Halloween on Hulu yielded 649 results.

Want to catch a Halloween episode from season 2 of the Addams Family? No problem!

Misplaced your invitation to Heidi Klum's Halloween party? No problem!

Want to know how to find and purchase real brains for your haunt? No problem!

Hulu will also hook you up with shows from sources such as Fear Net and Revisions - both of which have some great DIY for Halloween.

Oh, and while you're doing your Hulu - check out the Route666: America's Scariest Home Haunts episodes.


  1. Love that freak'n commercial.

    Listen to the spot with headphones and pay close attention to the background music...very intense/dramatic for comedy type of commercial.

    Cool music, anyone know who composed the score!

  2. Hey Scott! That commercial is genius!

    I had no luck in running down any info on the background music.

  3. Nice to see you Frog Queen!! Glad you enjoyed the commercial.


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