Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dead Man's Hand

Ya know what I hate? Those damn flyers for "As Seen on TV" and so called collectibles that are stuck in with an order or magazine. First of all, if I wanted it when I saw it on tv I'd have already bought it. Secondly, if something is labeled as a "collectible" then you can be assured that it is not one. If it's going to be collectible they aren't going to make a gazillon of them (think those festive Avon perfume bottles).

I recently received a mailing from BMG. That's the music club I belong to that I was fussing about a few posts back. Inside were some of those stupid flyers. I was standing over the trash can tossing them one by one when something caught my eye.

The Dead Man's Hand. A "collection" of biker skeletons playing poker from Hmmmm. Now I don't need another dust collector but wouldn't this be a cool full size prop?! This doesn't fit with my current theme but let's explore this a bit.

What would one need to pull this off? You'd need some skeletons (buckys preferably but bluckys would work in a pinch). Assorted tattered clothing, boots, and other biker look apparel from the thrift store. Poker cards, chips, beer mugs, faux stogies and cigs, biker jewelry, faux snakes and of course some sort of table and a few chairs. Basically just follow the picture and add your own little touches.

It might be fun to get a group of friends together and each one contribute a biker skeleton dressed in full garb to the scene.

I'd really love to see someone tackle this project and send us a pic. Anybody, anybody??

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