Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will You Be My Halloween Valentine?

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. I'm not into little hearts all over the place. Roses are one my most unfavorite of flowers. And, though I love chocolate - it goes straight to my butt.

Another reason I'm not a VD fan (yeah, I like to poke fun at this holiday by giving it a venereal disease) is because my birthday is the day after. The only thing as bad as being born on a holiday is being born on one of the days that flank it.

You see, this gives all your loved ones an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. The ol' "this is for your birthday and Valentine's day" trick. Yeah, whatever cheapskate.

Anyway, I decided to see what was out there for the ghoul in love and here are a few of my favorite things. (Just in case you want to send me a gift. My birthday is coming up ya know.)

How come we don't see Valentine's like these anymore? A-Valentine-A-Day blog showcases several Valentines with a Halloween theme.

This Skelly Devil is ready for love. From AmbitionsDesigns:

A whole new way to give someone your heart. By cbtscloset (on Etsy).

Valentine candy corn? Now that just ain't right!


  1. Super-cute! "Ready for Love" just stole my seedy little heart.

  2. Haha, those are pretty cool... well, except for the candy corn, you are right, thats just WRONG! ;)

    I feel your pain with the birthday by a holiday thing - my birthday is a few days before Halloween, and my parties always got overshadowed by Halloween parties, or worse yet- no one would show up because they were at a Halloween party. Now that I'm 37, I just MAKE Halloween MY party, haha.

  3. They call that candy "Cupid Corn". I don't even know where to begin to describe how very wrong that is.

    My hubby is a November 1 birthday so he too gets to compete with Halloween. Sadly he's not a Halloween freak. I love the way you do it - make Halloween your party!

  4. try scottsaw,com
    he's great

    I love the non-traditional, dark spin on cupid's day

  5. OMG i want that Valentine candy corn!!!!

  6. Susan!! No! You do not want pinky candy corn. Back away from the Cupid Corn!! ;)


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