Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Mysterious Jill Tracy

When I stumble upon a piece of music I really like I play it over ad nauseum. Why? Partly because I want to and partly because it makes my family crazy. When I came across this artist I played these vids so much that I think even my computer became annoyed. The window for the video abruptly shut down after about 50 plays.

You may have come to some sort of conclusion as to what type of music I'm into based on the past couple of vids I've shown here in the blog. Well, get over yourself because I'm not quite that easy to pin down. Yeah, brace yourself for something totally different.

Today we venture into the world of artist Jill Tracy. If she sounds familiar then you probably heard her in the background on a recent episode of NCIS.

Her style is mesmerizing, her vocals captivating and her videos - hauntingly beautiful.

Tales of medieval torture devices, safety coffins, suicides, and lusty murderous obsessions mingle with exquisite songs of lost loves and tarnished passions. *

The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes Jill Tracy as "...Part tough-as-nails film fatale, part funeral parlor pianist, Tracy manages to adopt many facades yet remain ever and only herself — a precarious and delicious balancing act..."

I couldn't of said it better (which is why I used their quote).

Haunted by the Thought Of You

The Fine Art of Poisoning

To learn more about this enigmatic artist visit Jill Tracy's MySpace page.

* quoted from the artist's MySpace page.

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