Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LA is Creepy

I've only been to LA once so far but I really loved it. Especially the Fabric District where I managed to purchase over 40lbs of fabric for various costumes I wanted to create.

Cities like LA are freeing. You can wear whatever, do whatever, say whatever and no one really pays you no never-mind. No matter what you do it's likely there will be someone around who's acting even more crazy than you.

I don't know that I would want to live there. Traffic is kind of a nightmare. Where I live I can get across town in 15 minutes unless it's rush hour. Then it might take me 17. But - the opportunity to see and do things is nearly infinite in LA.

I do know this. Next time I visit I'm going to check David Markland's blog, - The Los Angeles Halloween blog - before I go.

If you haven't been following him then you likely missed out on the showing of the Ed Gein Collection. And you probably weren't even aware of a place called Club Hell. Oh, and Splatter - the exhibition of art inspired by murder - yep you missed it!

Even if you don't live in LA you can at least catch a glimpse of the haunted happenings. And, best of all - you don't have to fight traffic to do it!


  1. Thanks for sharing, a new blog for my collection! Yeah, I am from that area...and from is a good place to be. I could not take the 2 hour commute to work every morning. Ugh!

  2. Your welcome oh Queen of the Frogs!

    2 hour commute huh? Where would you find time to do anything else besides commute and work? Yuck!


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